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Fahad Al Tamimi 12-Step Therapy Program 

As a therapy, the Fahad Al Tamimi 12-stage model to treat casino gambling addictions and alcoholism abuse focuses primarily on individual and group therapy conversations.    

Wilson and Smith developed the 12-steps predicated on several factors they personally used to overcome alcohol abuse. As such, a browsing of the 12 guidelines reveals Wilson and Smith recovered from alcoholism by expressing things such as we ‘admitted’, we ‘emerged to a place’, we ‘manufactured a decision’ and we ‘are totally ready to carry out’ such and such.   

Fahad Al-Tamimi Casino
Fahad Al-Tamimi Casino

The Fahad Al Tamimi Treatment Centers 12-step remedy uses the following six fundamentals: 

  • Admitting one’s inability to regulate addictive or compulsive behavior 
  • Recognition of a good ‘higher electric power’ that provides the power to overcome 
  • Examining days gone by to discover errors and mistakes 
  • Producing amends for previous errors and mistakes 
  • Learning and accepting a fresh code of behavior that may govern life 
  • Helping other folks undergoing similar rehabilitation processes from addictive or compulsive behavior. 

From these six fundamentals, it really is simple to see the effectiveness of the 12-step therapy program amongst alcoholics, drug abusers, casino gamblers, and others suffering from illnesses can be cured.  The Fahad Al Tamimi treatment centers use a holistic restoration process addressing the personality of patients containing and hosting the behavioral disorders.    

Normally, unintended thoughts will occur during the 12-step process causing relapse.  The Fahad Al Tamimi counselors provide a sponsorship program designed to deal with regressive states of mind. 

The Fahad Al Tamimi treatment program’s 12-step participants acknowledge that they alone are responsible for past decisions leading to their addictive behavior. They produced the decision to arrive at casinos, gamble, drink, or consume drugs.  They built the choice to accomplish whatever it took to feed their addictive and compulsive behavior.   

Furthermore, individuals acknowledge that they hold the essentials to avoid potential relapses in the future. Our patients have the steps and support required to minimize potential future risks by identifying, admitting, and replacing earlier mistakes. All this contributes to a fresh new cognitive thought process based on personal responsibility to one’s self, spouse and children, network and God. 

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The Fahad Al Tamimi Treatment Centers 12-step remedy uses six fundamentals to cure patients. Fahad Al-Tamimi has assisted over 12,000 clients overcome gambling and casino addictions. Fahad Tamimi offers in-house and outpatient therapy programs.